onsdag 28 september 2016

The big update.

Time flies but this blog shows no sign at all. Sorry.
Here's an update on a few projects and what can be expected during this fall!

neapolitansounds.com is undergoing major changes. Pontus of Don't stop the motion is creating a beautiful things out of cardboard box, led lights and glue at the moment. It's going to be great :-)!

Joy's Apartment The fantastic video for 'joy' is 1 out of 5 officially selected music videos for raindance festival in London, nominated for the "best music video award". Massive attack makes for a fierce competition though! Here's the trailer: For Raindance the track has undergone a few more mixing hours and been remastered here in the studio.

Stay tuned for more songs by Joy's Apartment :-)!

Idasara's debut album is finnished and mastered! Look out for new music during the autumn!

From the sunny shores of South Africa to the clear and cool Sweden. Look out for new music soon!

Alibi tom has been working on new music for a few years now actually. Rumour has it something new will show up pretty soon :-).

All of the artists above will be released through Neapolitan Sound's label.

Except for this I have mixed 3 songs for the upcoming 4th studio album by Marching band. I have also mixed music for Knitted Tree and Dogsmile among others + mastering for various bands and artists.

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